Single Tank Solutions

SMARTank’s single tank solutions have been designed for the liquid level measurement of any single tank application where either GSM or CDMA cellular network is available. 

The single tank applications can be configured for virtually any height tank and is ideal for remote portable above-ground or stationary tanks containing diesel, lube, home heat, propane, or gasoline applications.

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Prophet DL Host (Diesel/Lubes/Home Heat)

Designed for diesel, home heat, and lubricant products . This monitor works with most above ground applications without custimization or tank adaptors. It offers a robust differential pressure sensor and polyurethane cable, and higher PSI sensors are available. (Optional GPS)

Prophet I-Safe Host (Gasoline/Chemicals)

The Prohphet I-Safe is for use in CLASS 1, DIV 1, GROUP D hazardous locations with sealed gasoline tanks. The flexible pressure sensor measures the entire tank with no "blanking distance" hence can also be redeployed to different size tanks without "custom cutting" the cable. The detachable electronics allows for simple installation and safer battery replacement without removing the pressure sensor from the tank - an industry first. An external activation button provides easy inventory updates without exposing the electronics in the NEMA 4X enclosure. (Built in GPS)

Prophet Tote (DEF/Lubes/Chemicals)

The Prophet Tote has a low profile design with an internal antenna to allow monitoring of stackable DEF, Lube or Chemcial totes. With optional built in GPS, all of your assets can be tracked. The mold comes prebuilt with standard 4" to 2" threads so it will fit almost any tank bung without additional fittings. Enhanced power management extends the average battery life to 5 years. Along with the extend battery life; transparent housing and the ability the remote update the firmware have increased the monitors life cycle by minimizing the need to open the housing.

Prophet G Host (Gasoline)

The Prohphet G host meets NFPA recommendations for monitoring above-ground strorage tanks containing gasoline. The integral barrier and Class 1 Division gauge options provide optimal flexibility for monitoring virutually any AST fueling application. Monitors can be configured with a magnetic float swing arm guage or a straight pole gauge, and works with above ground tanks up to 120". (Optional GPS)

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