Multiple Tank Solutions

SMARTank’s multi-tank architecture allows tank level information from mlutiple “client” tank monitors to be consolidated by one “host” monitor that reports the tank level readings with a single call.

The multi-tank architecture is completely wireless, and like its single-tank counterpart provides the ultimate in convenience and flexibility. In addition, when compared with typical multiple installations the multi-tank architecture provides a 20-50% savings. 

SMARTank Website

View a summary of all tanks locations, inventory levels and reorder or low alarm levels. Plot tanks on a map via GPS or reverse geocoding the address to build route density. Run delivery efficiency reports for real-time ROI.

TC 5000 (Wireless Bulk Tank Solution)

The TC 5000's powered terminal console containing an integrated modem and radio allows you to communicate with up to 10 client monitors at a time. With no external power or phone lines required for client monitors allows for wireless communication with the controller, and for you to receive remote, real-time inventory readings with a real-time local display.

Prophet DL Host (Diesel/Lubes/Home Heat)

Designed for diesel, home heat, and lubricant products you can monitor up to 10 tanks with one call. This monitor works with most above ground applications without custimization or tank adaptors. It offers a robust differential pressure sensor and polyurethane cable, and higher PSI sensors are available. (Optional GPS)

Prophet G Host (Gasoline)

The Prophet G Host has been designed to assist you in meeting NFPA recommendations for monitoring up to 10 above ground storage tanks containing gasoline and other petroleum related products with one call. Its unique modular construction, integral barrier and Class I Divsion I tank level gauge options provide optimal flexibility for monitoring virtually any AST fueling application. The Prophet G Host can be configured with either a magnetic float swing arm gauge (with a "remote ready" gauge and "Hall Effect Module") or a magneto restrictive straight pole gauge. Tank Level Gauges come in standard 36", 42", 48", 64", 96" & 120" lengths. Using a proprietary 900 MHz technology, the Prophet G Host can accept level readings from up to 4 additional DL client tanks within 250 feet before sending all the level readings wirelessly over the cellular network back to the SMARTank website. (Optional GPS)

Prophet DL Client (Diesel Lubes)

The Prohphet DL client is the ideal choice for multi-tank above ground diesel or lube applications, and can be paired either host monitor that is within 250 ft. This monitor is easily configurable and comes with an internal antenna and customizable differential pressure sensor.

Prophet G Client (Gasoline/Propane)

The Prohphet G client can be paired either host monitor that is within 250 ft. This monitor's integral barrier and Class 1 division gauge options provide optimal flexibility for monitoring virtually and AST fueling application.

Ultrasonic Monitor

The ultrasonic monitor eliminates the possibility of cable degradation and eliminates errors in freezing environments. There are no moving parts, and works in environments ranging in temperature from -20 to 160 degrees farenheit . This monitor also allows you to monitor multiple tanks within 250 ft. of each other with one call.

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