Management Team

Marcia Reagan
VP of Operations

Marcia first worked with SMARTLogix as a customer at MFA Oil Company, a regional shipper distributor of bulk petroleum products. While at MFA Oil, she led several strategic change initiatives including a JD Edwards ERP upgrade, a customized mobile solution roll out to 400+ tank wagon drivers, and an internally developed point-of-sale web portal to include mapping, routing, and forecasting. She excels at bringing people, efficient processes, and automated technology together to create true value for clients. Ms. Reagan holds a Bachelors Degree from of the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Dan Warren
VP of Product and Marketing

Dan Warren has developed innovative and creative business solutions to optimize a variety of business opportunities and challenges in the Petroleum Industry. Mr. Warren’s career in this vertical market began at a Petroleum Distributorship in 2001. He has designed the business logic and user interface for service-oriented architectures, mobile and EDI solutions, and enterprise integration solutions. Mr. Warren holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Centenary College of Louisiana and is in the Psych Honor Society.

Todd Ward
VP of Business Development

Todd Ward is a proven strategic business leader that has led new business development and new market development, structured and negotiated commercial contracts, and built and led regional and national sales organizations. Mr. Ward utilizes his two decades of experience working for three petroleum distributors to forge, nurture, and leveraging industry- and enterprise-wide relationships to structure large, complex deals and build bridges to transcend stalemated business processes. Mr. Ward holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the University of North Carolina Charlotte.

Karthik Pilla
Lead Technology Architect

Karthik Pilla has spent over half a decade delivering complex IT solutions. A majority of that time has been spent in the Petroleum vertical . Mr. Pilla has designed and led technical teams on and off-shore to deliver service-oriented architectures, mobile and EDI solutions, and enterprise integration solutions. Mr. Pilla holds a Bachelors of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Vasavi College of Engineering and a Masters of Management Information Systems from The University of Memphis.

Dale Hegler
Lead Application Architect

Dale Hegler is an exceptional Application Architect with over 20 years of software development experience delivering service-oriented architectures, mobile and EDI solutions, and enterprise integration solutions. Mr. Hegler has spent over half a decade developing solutions for the Petroleum Industry and holds a Bachelors of Science in Information Systems from Winthrop University and an Associates in Computer Engineering from York Technical College.

Rick Martin
Partner Business Evangelist

Rick Martin graduated from the engineering school at the University of Buffalo and began working for Exxon in marketing. He gained valuable experience before moving to the wholesale and industrial business where he held various positions. Martin was also a manager in Exxon’s innovations and project development department. From 1992 to 2006 Martin owned a petroleum distribution company where he used innovative technologies to grow the refined fuels business geographically while minimizing overhead and optimizing operations. In 1999 Martin founded SMARTank to assist other petroleum jobbers in using this technology. SMARTruck and SMARTLogix have evolved from these beginnings to address the real world issues of operating a distributorship.


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